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Foundations of Quantum Gravity

By James Lindesay

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Exploring how the subtleties of quantum coherence can be consistently incorporated into Einstein's theory of gravitation, this book is ideal for researchers interested in the foundations of relativity and quantum physics.  The book examines those properties of coherent gravitating systems that are most closely connected to experimental observations.

Foundations of Quantum Gravity

Author: James Lindesay
Date Published: June 2013
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781107008403
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Examples of consistent co-gravitating quantum systems whose overall effects upon the geometry are independent of the coherence state of each constituent are provided, and the properties of the trapping regions of non-singular black objects, black holes, and a dynamic de Sitter cosmology are discussed analytically, numerically, and diagrammatically.

The extensive use of diagrams to summarize the results of the mathematics enables readers to bypass the need for a detailed understanding of the steps involved. Assuming some knowledge of quantum physics and relativity, the book provides textboxes featuring supplementary information for readers particularly interested in the philosophy and foundations of the physics.

James Lindesay is a Professor of Physics at Howard University, and was the founding Director of the Computational Physics Lab. He has been a visiting professor at Hampton University and a visiting faculty scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Lindesay is presently a visiting professor at the Stanford Institute for Theoretical Physics.

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