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Nathan D. Smith Studies Fossil Vertebrates

An interview with Dr. Nathan D. Smith

By: Nathan D. Smith, Ph.D., is assistant professor of biology at Howard University.

Q: Please tell us about your recently funded grant from NSF?
A: Our most recent grant is a collaborative proposal (with Dr. Bill Hammer at Augustana College, and Dr. Peter Makovicky at the Field Museum of Natural History) to continue work on Jurassic dinosaurs and other vertebrate fossils collected from the Beardmore Glacier region of Antarctica. We collected thousands of pounds of fossiliferous rock during the 2010-11 field season that still need to be prepared.

Nathan D. Smith

Currently, we have several specimens of new dinosaurs, as well as new bones from some of the species previously described from the region. We are also building histological and computed tomography (CT) datasets to learn more about the paleobiology of these animals.

This grant will help continue this research, as well as support a postdoctoral scholar and several undergraduate researchers.


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