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Center for Integrated Quantum Materials (CIQM) Established with NSF $20 million Grant

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Front row, left to right: Naomi Brave, Managing Director; Kathyrn Hollar-Boston Area Director of Education, Harvard University; Silvina Gatica, Howard University; Evelyn Hu-Harvard University; Miah Davis, Howard University, Undergraduate Student; Tina L Brower-Washington, DC Area Director of Education, Howard University; Carol Lynn Alpert-MOS-BOS., co-Director; Karen Thate, MOS-BOS; Nuh Gedik, MIT; Back row, left to right: Robert Graham, Harvard University; Steven Richardson, Harvard University; Charles Hosten, Howard University; Bob Westervelt, Harvard University Center Director; Gary L. Harris, Howard University co-Director; Paul Sabila, Gallaudet University; Ray Ashori, Harvard University, co-Director; Andrea Young, MIT, Postdoc; Scott Sinex, Prince George’s Community College

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a five-year $20 million grant to establish a Science and Technology Center (STC) to a team of faculty from Harvard University, Howard University, MIT, Museum of Science (MOS)-Boston and the Center’s College Network. The Center for Integrated Quantum Materials (CIQM) is positioned to transform photonics from 3D structures to 2D atomic layers and communicate the impact of the technology to the public. CIQM activities will facilitate collaborations across diverse disciplines and institutions and encourage students to pursue careers in science and engineering.

ciqm 2

Gary L. Harris, co-director, Howard University CIQM.

The October 2013 CIQM STC kickoff at Howard University was coordinated by Gary L. Harris, co-Director. Howard University was joined by the Center Director Robert M. Westervelt of Harvard University, and fellow co-Directors, Raymond Ashoori of MIT, Carol Lynn Alpert of MOS-Boston and representatives from the Center’s College Network (Bunker Hill Community College, Gallaudet University, Mt Holyoke College, Olin College, Prince George’s Community College, and Wellesley College). The celebration included remarks by former College of Engineering, Architecture and Computer Science Dean James Mitchell, Gary L. Harris and Robert M. Westervelt, lab tours and a poster session.

ciqm 3

Participants in the CIQM opening program

NSF established the STC Program in 1987 to support innovative, potentially transformative, world-class, complex research and education projects that require large-scale, long-term awards. STCs have grown from a novel idea into a vital network of programs. In addition to their affiliation with more than a hand full of Noble Laureates, STCs have catalyzed scientific breakthroughs, built bridges of exchange with industry, spun-off new technologies and businesses, and trained young scientists and engineers.

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