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ARTICLE Issue 003

From The Editor

Gwendolyn S. Bethea, Ph.D.
Gwendolyn S. Bethea, Ph.D.

As 2014 unfolds, we are excited that our faculty, students, and alumni are continuing to make significant research strides in their fields and beyond.

This issue of the HUGS Research Magazine features the findings of sociologist Bahiyah M. Muhammad in her survey of children of incarcerated parents. We highlight the research of biologist Fatimah Jackson on how plants have "domesticated" humans over thousands of years.

We also are intrigued by the newly published book of Ph.D. alumnus and scientist Robert L. Shepard, who chronicles his rise from the tobacco farms of rural North Carolina to being one of the nation's highly respected African- American scientists in his book, Fulfilling My Destiny, Step by Step.

We also follow the opening of the Center for Integrated Quantum Materials on October 13, 2013 under the leadership of Howard associate provost for research and graduate studies and professor Gary L. Harris, and his colleagues at Harvard, MIT, Gallaudet University, and Prince George's Community College.

We congratulate Professors Winston Anderson, Broderick Eribo, Vernon Morris, and Georgia Dunston on their new grant to conduct international research on health disparities.

We encourage you and your colleagues to continue to share your contributions and achievements in this global platform.

Best wishes in 2014!
Gwendolyn S. Bethea, Ph.D., Editor

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