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Fulfilling My Destiny, Step by Step by Robert Shepard, Ph.D.

Reviewed by Gwendolyn S. Bethea, Ph.D.

In Fulfilling My Destiny, Step by Step, Robert Louis Shepard, Ph.D., recalls how a heritage of faith and devotion to family, inspired primarily by his mother and father, helped him to achieve his personal and professional ambitions. It became the bedrock for his future leadership in higher education and in the science community.

Fulfilling My Destiny, Step by Step

by Robert Shepard, Ph.D.
Published: 10/26/2013 Format: Perfect Bound Softcover Pages: 328 Size: 6x9 ISBN: 978-1-49182-963-9 Print Type: B/W
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Robert Shepard, Ph.D.
Robert Shepard, Ph.D.

From Saint Augustine's College, he was recruited by professor of chemistry Jesse Nicholson to attend Howard University where he became an outstanding chemistry student. After graduation, he later held various positions, among them at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. He became a chief negotiator for research development opportunities between U.S., African, and Asian colleges and universities.

Shepard relates how he came to establish the Science and Engineering Alliance, which included among its goals ensuring that historically black colleges and universities across the nation could compete and win federal grants in science and engineering fields.

Shepard states that he wrote the book for his children and grandchildren, but ultimately, it may make the difference in the lives of others with patience, endurance, and vision who dare to dream of fulfilling their destiny.

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