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Research Day: April 4, 2014
Q & A with Nicole Retland

Research Day is April 4, 2014. The University-wide event will be held in the Louis Stokes Health Sciences Library. Nicole Retland, chair, answers questions concerning the event in the article below.

Q: What is the purpose of research day?
Retland: To highlight the University's research portfolio, but more importantly, to build and foster research relationships.

Q: Why do we now have a university-wide research day and who are the participants?
Retland: To breakdown silos and foster transdisciplinary research. We have approximately 380 participants who are undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, as well as post-docs,residents, junior and senior faculty members.

Q: Why should one participate in the event?
Retland: Students should participate to share their research achievements with their peers and to enhance their presentation skills. Faculty will be able to share their research accomplishments with their colleagues, build relationships for future research endeavors, and increase the visibility of their research portfolio.

Q: Do you have a keynote speaker this year?
Retland: Dr. Norman Anderson from the American Psychological Association is the keynote speaker for this year.

Q: What is the overall agenda?
Retland: In the morning, we will have opening remarks, including remarks from the Interim President Wayne A.I. Frederick; and Associate Provost for Research and Graduate Studies Gary L. Harris.

Immediately following, we will have the keynote address. Poster and oral sessions will begin at 10 a.m. and lunch will begin at 12 noon. From 1:15 to 2:15, we will have a research opportunities session.

During the session, we will feature University centers. The directors will provide a short synopsis of their centers and the opportunities available to students and research collaborations. This is something new that we are trying.

Poster and oral sessions will resume around 2:15 or so. At the end of the day's events, we will have a reception to celebrate all participants and announce the winners of the research categories.

Q: How does the event compare with last year's Research Day?
Retland: We have more participants this year and the event will take place in one location --The Louis Stokes Health Sciences Library. Our Research Day committee has helped organize and plan various aspects of the Day, including review of the abstracts. This year, we also have sponsors. They are NSF ADVANCE (Dr. Sonya Smith is the PI), Elsevier, and Pepco.

We are in need of nine additional biomedical judges.

Q: Thank you and best wishes for a successful event.

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