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Graduate School Launches an Innovative Entrepreneurial Initiative

The Graduate School has launched an Innovative Entrepreneurial Initiative that will promote businesses and foster an entrepreneurial spirit across campus, especially among students and recent graduates, but also as a means of promoting community outreach.

One such initiative is NuLevels, located in the Graduate School, which is dedicated to meeting the needs of entrepreneurs and small businesses across industries in the D.C. area in order to make their operations more efficient, by providing event, venue, and product promotion.

The organization will use e-track to monitor the success of its initiatives through its "business tracker," which includes the number of acquired social media followers or "likes," the number of product purchases, and customer acquisitions in the period immediately following the engaged NuLevels marketing and promotion techniques.

Its "Campus Connection" campaign is their way to pay it forward and to give students the opportunity to get involved with the company through internships. Campus Connection is also a way for NuLevels to foster relationships with local universities and colleges and to partner with community members in order to address nutrition, education, and youth development.

For more information, contact Antonio La'Gon, 202-751-7786, or Marie Cumbee, 843-833-0925.

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