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Graduate School Launches New Recruitment Plan

Gary L. Harris, associate provost for research and graduate studies recently announced a new recruitment initiative: the Seeking, Enhancing, and Securing (SES) Campaign. The purpose of SES will be to increase the number of applicants, accepted, and enrolled new students in Howard University’s Graduate School.

Through SES, the school will enhance efforts to attract and accept a competitive pool of master’s and doctorate applicants. Additionally, the Graduate School will implement communication strategies that are more targeted and interactive to attract, engage, and enroll prospective applicants.

In light of the above, the Graduate School will host a Spring Open House in March and during Research Week, April 13-17. The school will target GEM, McNair, Gates Millennium Scholars, and other special groups.

Dr. Harris is personally requesting that each department admit all prospective students who meet admissions requirements within five working days of their applications. He is also requesting that particular recruitment strategies be used for individuals with exceptional academic records, while the department upholds its tradition of admitting those students with unrealized potential for a successful graduate experience.

In addition to the above activities, a few of the communication strategies include the use of

  • •   Interactive videos pertaining to admissions, faculty and student research, and special programs. These videos and announcements will be used on departmental websites
  • •   A Call Center in a peer-to-peer recruitment effort using student leaders
  • •   Strategic alumni calls to students in particular regions
  • •   An account of the regions that most likely produce successful admissions

For more information, contact the Graduate School at 202-806-6800/7636.

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