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ARTICLE Issue 008

Message from the Associate Provost

Gary L. Harris, Ph.D., P.E

Gary L. Harris, Ph.D
Dr. Gary L. Harris

Happy New Year!

The Graduate School is off to an exhilarating paste for the new year. The Graduate School's Online Research Magazine chronicles some of the research developments and highlights for second semester 2015. For example, this issue features

the intriguing research findings on the evolution of human development, and the research of the continuing epidemic of HIV/AIDS among African-American students. We also announce details on the first TEDxhowarduniversity event, which will feature some of the scientific discoveries and historical events of the twentieth and twenty-first century, along with cultural entertainment. We also detail the Graduate School's new recruitment initiatives, including a March open house and innovative interactive communication strategies; and provide information on the call for research abstracts for Research Week, April 13-17.

We continue to encourage your contributions to showcase your research and departmental activities in this global communications platform.

We wish you wellness and productivity in the new year.


Gary L. Harris, Ph.D., P.E.
Associate Provost for Research and Graduate Studies

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