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Joanna Jenkins, Ph.D., Publishes New Book, The Convergence Crisis

Joanna Jenkins, Ph.D.
Joanna Jenkins, Ph.D.

Joanna L. Jenkins, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Howard University School of Communications, Department of Strategic, Legal and Management Communication, has published a new book, The Convergence Crisis, Peter Lang Publishers.

The Convergence Crisis tells the story of an impending paradigm shift in advertising.

Beginning in the early 1840s with the birth of the first advertising agency and momentum spurred by industrial systems, the book provides a historical overview of significant events and socio-cultural economic factors that have occurred to explain how and why a [convergence] crisis has erupted in contemporary American advertising.

Significant blurring of once-distinct boundaries and redistribution caused by convergence has led to new methods of communication being used in advertising and among audiences.

The book intends to bring awareness, clarity, and understanding to the opportunities presented through convergence via its rich historical narrative and theoretical framework (

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