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New Howard University National Resource Center for African Studies Opens

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The Department of African Studies has received a grant of $1.7 million from the US Department of Education under the Title VI National Resource Centers (NRC) and Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship (FLAS) programs. The four-year grant establishes Howard University as one of ten National Resource Centers for African Studies, including Yale, University of Florida-Gainesville, University of Illinois-Champaign, Boston University, Harvard University, Michigan State University, UNC-Chapel Hill, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and University of Minnesota.

The grant is designed to help US institutions of higher education to strengthen the capacity and performance of American education in foreign languages, international and area studies, teacher preparation and outreach to K-16, four-year and community colleges.

In addition to supporting African language and Africa-area related teaching at Howard University and outreach to the Washington, District of Columbia, and Virginia areas’ K-16 and postsecondary institutions, the grant provides fellowships called Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) fellowships to graduate and undergraduate students across all schools and disciplines at Howard University to undertake African language training and pursue Africa- related course work/research in their own fields/disciplines. With support from the grant, new African languages – Zulu and Amharic - have been added to the spring 2015 existing Swahili, Arabic, Wolof, and Yoruba language courses in the Department of World Languages and Cultures.

FLAS fellowships provide academic year tuition and stipend in the amount of $33,000 for five graduate students per year, and $25,000 for two undergraduate students per year. In addition, the grant provides five summer fellowships of $7,500 to both graduate and undergraduate students at Howard University and other US universities. Summer fellowships are tenable only at approved Africa NRC institution or study abroad projects. Only US citizens and permanent residents are eligible for FLAS fellowships.

The director of the Howard University National Resource Center for African Studies is Professor Robert Edgar, Department of African Studies; the Assistant Director is Dr. Wheeler Winstead. The African Language Program coordinator is Professor Mkamburi Lyabaya, Department of World Languages and Cultures. Dr. Helen Bond of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction is the liaison to the School of Education, and the Outreach Program Coordinator is Brenda Randolph. The center is housed temporarily on the fourth floor of the Howard University Center.

Details on the center will be available shortly on the center’s website. For more information on the center and FLAS fellowships, contact Dr. Wheeler Winstead at

The FLAS fellowship application forms may be downloaded at (Center for African Studies tab)

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