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ARTICLE Issue 012

Message from the Associate Provost

Gary L. Harris, Ph.D
Dr. Gary L. Harris

As we approach the holiday season, I reflect on the wide spectrum of research programs at Howard University that have positioned Howard University among the top-ranked research universities in the nation, and indeed, the world.

After many decades, thirty three graduate programs that offer 26 Ph.D. and 28 master's degrees, are still providing pioneering research opportunities for students from nearly 100 nations. In large part, the dedication and unquestioned commitment of faculty scholars have played a significant part in degree program success and achievement.

This issue of HUGS research magazine celebrates research programs and opportunities in the health, science, education, sociology, and economic disciplines. Seminars conducted by the Office of Naval Research in conjunction with Howard, and the Higher Education Technical Assistance Project (HE-TAP) are just a sample of the research initiatives among historically black colleges and universities that will ultimately have a lasting influence on reducing health, economic, and social disparities that exist globally, but especially in our communities. HBCUs will, because of such efforts, continue to be of global significance for many years to come.

As we prepare for our annual Research Week, scheduled for April 11-15, 2016, we look forward to the hundreds of research presentations that will illuminate the innovative research underway in our undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs. We encourage participation that exceeds the more than 300 presentations of last year. We also look forward to our April 15 TEDx event that will culminate Research Week and spotlight mental health as one of critical issues of our times that affects every other aspect of human health and behavior.

Finally, I express my sincere gratitude to administrators, faculty and staff for their continued commitment and guidance to our students with lasting and immeasurable impact.

Happy Holidays!


Gary L. Harris, Ph.D., P.E.
Associate Provost for Research and Graduate Studies
Dean, Graduate School

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