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Research Week 2016 Features Nearly 500 Oral and Poster Presentations

For a listing of overall winners, please see below. For a complete list of winners, please visit

Approximately 500 participants, including faculty, undergraduate and graduate students, post-docs, participated in the Research Symposium 2016. Overall winners are listed below.

Overall Winners

The Modern Mother: Redefining Race and Age in Contemporary Motherhood
Tahirah Nall - Undergraduate Student - Oral Presentation

Politics of Space in Superman Comics
Joel Rhone - Undergraduate Student - Oral Presentation

Women's Evolving Roles in Dystopian Literature
Clara-Grazia Romeo - Undergraduate Student - Oral Presentation

Gender Specific Emotional Trajectories: A Linguistic Analysis of Written Trauma Narratives
Jennifer Myers - Graduate Student - Oral Presentation

Malnutrition among Minority Women with Breast Cancer
Alfreda Woods - Graduate Student - Oral Presentation

A Caged Voice: The Battle Between Public Employees & Free Speech
Thais Ridgeway - Professional Student - Oral Presentation

Palatable Food Intake May Correlate with Renal Orexin Receptor-1 Expression in a Rodent Model of Binge Eating
Allison Hester - Post Doc/Resident/Fellow/Research Associate - Poster Presentation

The evaluation of Syncope in a Predominantly Black Population: Focus on Neuroimaging
Delamo Bekele - Post Doc/Resident/Fellow/Research Associate - Poster Presentation

Improving Antiviral Activity of 1E7-03, an Ebola Virus Inhibitory Small Molecule, that Targets Protein Phosphatase-1
Amol Kulkarni - Junior Faculty/ Lecturer/ Instructor - Poster Presentation

Is Hear Transplantation a No-brainer?
Assya Pascalev - Senior Faculty - Oral Presentation

For a complete list of winners, please visit

Research Symposium participants, doctoral student Cassandra A. Shivers, M.S., Department of Psychology, and her undergraduate research assistant, graduating senior Jillian C. Hamilton, Department of Psychology.

Professor Sonya T. Smith, Department of Mechanical Engineering, with Kebreten F. Manaye, M.D., Professor and Chair, Department of Physiology. During Research Week, Dr. Manaye was named STEM Woman of the Year by HU-Advance It, an organization which encourages STEM diversity, particularly among women.

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