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Anteneh Girma, Ph.D., Makes Contributions to Cybersecurity


Anteneh Girma, Ph.D., is making significant international contributions to cybersecurity. Dr. Girma received his doctorate in computer science in May 2016. He was the first Ph.D. recipient in the history of the Department of Systems and Computer Science. In nominating him for the Ph.D. exemplar recognition for the Graduate School's Hood Ceremony, his dissertation examiner and dissertation committee chair, Dr. Ahmed Rubaai, described him as an outstanding young scientist with expertise and experiences in a number of areas vital for the scientific, engineering and economic well-being of the nation. His specific contributions include finding solutions to detecting Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Dr. Moses Garuba also noted that "the areas of his cyber security research publications that mainly focused on cryptography, database security, cloud security, and intrusion detection system, proves not only his passion for research but also his subject matter expertise in the field of information security."

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