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ARTICLE Issue 016

Message from the Associate Provost

Gary L. Harris, Ph.D
Dr. Gary L. Harris

Dear Reader,

Spring Semester 2017 is upon us. This year is especially pivotal as we celebrate the 150th anniversary of Howard University. We are proud of the rich legacy of the university and will be celebrating throughout the year with special events.

Please consult the university’s calendar for 150th Anniversary Celebration events.

This issue features the research of Associate Professor James Hammonds, Mechanical Engineering, who collaborated with Professor Baratunde Cola of the Georgia Institute of Technology on researching silicon dioxide nanoparticles to cool electronic devices. We highlight the research of Professor Hassan Ashktorab, Department of Medicine and Director of Microarray in the Howard University Cancer, on detection of gastrointestinal polyp and cancer detection.

We also announce several 150th Anniversary Events sponsored by the Preparing Future Faculty Program and provide information on the new Ph.D. program in Higher Education Leadership and Policy Studies, which will be offered beginning in the fall 2017.

Finally, we announce the following dates: September 14, 2017, the date of the Howard University TEDx 2017 and Howard University Research Week, April 10-14.

Thank you for connecting with us as we celebrate 150 years of excellence in graduate education.

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