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ARTICLE Issue 019

Message from the Associate Provost

Gary L. Harris, Ph.D
Dr. Gary L. Harris

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Thank you for your sustained commitment to building upon the legacy of groundbreaking research at Howard University. As you may know, such research is undergirded by the services of the Office of Research Development which

operates under the umbrella of the Office of the Associate Provost for Research.

The mission of the office is “to promote the development of a robust research enterprise dedicated to encouraging innovative research, creative, and scholarly activities; to facilitate the planning and development of proposals that secure extramural funding; and to coordinate timely and systematic dissemination of the research and scholarly achievements of faculty and researchers at Howard University.”

The services of the office are divided into two divisions: pre and post award services.

    Pre-Award Services include the following:
  • •   Proposal Development and Review
  • •   Budget Development Review
  • •   Dissemination of information on funding opportunities in alignment with faculty research interests
  • •   Assistance with identification of potential funding sources
  • •   Identification of funding agency contacts
  • •   Identification of potential HU collaborators on a proposal to address specific tasks or needs
  • •   Facilitation of the development of multidisciplinary teams to respond to specific program announcements and funding opportunities
    Post-Award Services include:
  • •   Navigation and guidance on the procurement process by providing procedural steps
  • •   Navigation and guidance on the Human Capital Management PeopleSoft process by providing procedural steps
  • •   Navigation and guidance on internal financial processes by providing procedural steps
  • •   Assistance with Effort Certification training

Many faculty and students across the 13 schools and colleges have availed themselves of the services of the Office of Research Development. In this issue, we mention a new program sponsored by NIH, specifically for HBCUs. The office provides assistance in meeting the requirements of the NIH HBCU proposal process.

In this issue, we also include sleep deprivation and trauma memory research of Dr. Thomas Mellman and his colleagues; and the research on autism spectrum disorder by psychology doctoral student Jasmyn Ledford.

We remind you that Research Week is scheduled for April 9-13, 2018. Faculty, students, alumni, and postdocs from all disciplines are encouraged to participate in this annual research showcase at Howard.


Gary L. Harris, Ph.D., P.E.
Associate Provost and Dean,
Research and Graduate Studies

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