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Article on Pioneering Biologist E. Everett Just Most Read from Howard University on Researchgate
An article written by Dr. W. Malcolm Byrnes of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Howard and published in the December 2013 issue of this magazine titled "The Genius of Ernest Everett Just" was ranked as the "most read" article on ResearchGate from Howard University for the week ending on April 15, 2018
(view here).

It had garnered 152 "reads." Dr. Byrnes had posted the article on his ResearchGate site (view here) for broader dissemination.

Since 2013, Byrnes has authored or co-authored several additional articles about E. E. Just, including ones in the Journal of Experimental Zoology B: Molecular and Evolutionary Development (view here), American Scientist (view here), and the Journal of African American Studies (view here).

In 2016, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Just's receiving his PhD (in zoology), Byrnes made the rounds, giving talks on Just at places where Just lived or worked, including Charleston (the Medical University of South Carolina); Howard University; the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts; and the University of Chicago. In February 2018, he gave a podcast interview in which he discussed Just's work and some of the challenges he faced as an African American scientist (view here).

In his latest work, he argues that Just's original concept of cellular "independent irritability" has broadly infiltrated modern biology (see view here). The title of the paper arising from the project, which is currently under peer review, is "E. E. Just's Broad, and Hidden Influence on Modern Cell, Developmental, and Evolutionary Biology."

ResearchGate was founded in 2008 by physicians Dr. Ijad Madisch and Dr. Sören Hofmayer, and computer scientist Horst Fickenscher. ResearchGate today has more than 15+ million members. Its mission is "to connect the world of science and make research open to all."

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