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Author(s): Jackson, FLC; Niculescu, M.D.; and Jackson, R.T. (2013).
Journal: American Journal of Public Health. October 2013, Vol. 103 Go to Research

Author(s): Hardin, J.A. and Jackson, F.L.C.
Journal: African Journal of Biotechnology. 8(25): 7373-7378, 29 December, 2009 Go to Research

Author(s): Niba, L.L.; Bokanga, M.; Jackson, F.L.C..; Li, B.W.; Schlimme, D.S.
Journal: Journal of Food Science 67(5):1701-1705 - (2002) Go to Research

Author(s): Jackson, F.L.C.
Journal: Plain Talk about the Human Genome Project, E. Smith and W. Sapp, eds., Tuskegee University, pp. 95-103- (1997). Go to Research

Author(s): Jackson, F.L.C.
Journal: Adaptation to Malaria: The Interaction of Biology and Culture, L. Greene and M. Danubio, eds., Gordon and Breach Publishers: New York, pp. 177-207. (1997). Go to Research

Author(s): Nathan D. Smith
Journal: Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs, 2013 Go to Research

Author(s): Nathan D. Smith, L Grande, JA Clarke.
Journal: Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 2013 Go to Research

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